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Hi There;

I'm new here ....... some mechanical skills .... and I have a few problems with my 91 Galant GSX (AWD) . Can anyone offer me some advice on the following ? :

Idle Problem: accelerates every 1.5seconds to 1300-1700rpm when idling, just like one is constantly tapping the accelerator peddle. Dealer tells me I need a new ECU or ISM, but is there another possible cause ?

The rear brakes & shocks need replacing: Do the rear discs come straight off on the AWD model ? (are they just a friction fit over the hub & wheel studs ?)
Any tips on replacing the rear shocks would also be helpful.

Thanks all very much !
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Our cars have a ticking timebomb for an ECU.

If you do not replace the 3 little capacitors inside the ECU, they leak acid on the board and kill it quickly.

Take the ECU out and open the cover. Look at the middle of the circuit board and you will see 3 little blue and black round cylinders. They may smell "fishy" or have brownish goo leaking out the bottom.

That needs to be fixed.

I can do it for you and test all the ISC drivers for $25 plus USPS shipping.

email me at [email protected]

I have been fixing these ECUs and TCUs for over 3 years.

On a side note - the non-turbo AWD cars are VERY close to the turbo cars. You need to cantact me, and I will put you to another site that will help answer all of your questions.

email me at [email protected] and I will help you get you on your feet with that car.
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