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Hi there,
When I bought my FTO last year the passenger sill had some rusting at the back.
I would like to get this fixed/replaced (see attached picture)

Has anyone had this done themselves?
How much did it cost and does anyone know of a place in Scotland (preferably Edinburgh) that I could get this work done?

Also there is some rusting on the underside of the car which I may have looked at while I am doing this. Does anyone have experiences they can share of bodywork done to their FTO. The cost involved and advice?



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I have just myself purchased an FTO. I know that japanese cars imported to the UK have very little underbody treatment. The car needs a lot of work done, which i intend o do step at a time. My initial task was to clean and underseal the under bosy of the car. The sills are in excellent condition fortunately but this is a brief on the process.


1 wire brush
couple of paint brushes.
waxol rust treatement.
hemerite underbody paint with waxol.
pair of gloves.
old clothes or overalls. this job is messy.

The waxol comes with a sprayer nozzle to allow you to reach the awkward places. However the nozzle clogs up and causes no end of frustration. I reverted to the old fasioned paint brush. I would advise saving the nozzle and using it to spray under the wheel arches and the areas of the underbody above the exaust near the down pipe and above the petrol tank and boot well.

There are other rust treatments that can be used dinitral, POR15 from what i have read dinitral is an excellent rust killer but i didin't use it i used waxol. choice is yours.

1) jack the car up onto axle stands because you will need to get under if you don't have a garage with a car lift.
2) remove the plastic gaurd that protects the underside of the engine and the wheel arches.
3) with the wire brush scrub as much of the underneath of the car as you possibly can. anything metal that you can get to with the brush scrub it. the aim is to remove loose rust, dirt and grime. Ignore the exaust. Make sure you get up around the wheel arches, take the wheels of if necessary.
4) with the waxol, if you are going to use the sprayer, you will need to warm the waxol in a bucket of hot water. this will make it eaisier to travel through the sprayer nozzle. otherwise use with a paint brush add alittle white sprit so alter the viscosity making it better fo rspreading with a brush.
5) brush and cover every thing under the care with the waxol, except the exaust and your break discs.
6) use the brush on as much of the wheel arches as possible. with the sprayer, spray waxol up and around the suspension struts. remember to keep the waxol tin warm in hot water, add a little white spirit to the contents of the tin thin it out .
7) allow a couple of days for this to dry. It doesn't dry completely it remains plyable, so if you rub it off it will come off.
8) once dried for a couple of days, start painting the underbody sealent. If you have funds to hire a paint sprayer or by a small sprayer machin feel free to try it. I had problems with sprayaer nozzles clogging up so i did mine with a paint brush.
I would advice you to keep the sprayer fo use on the areas that cannot be got to with a brush.

the under body sealant drys but remains plyable after a couple of days.

there you go all done.

Hope this helps.

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