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Hi, newbie here.

Recently, i noticed this problem with my Japanese grandis:

The car starts without problem (warm or cold). After 20 - 30 minutes of driving and at stop lights, the engine idle drops below 800 RPM while on brake (A/T), and tends to stall and the check engine is ON. Sometimes the engine dies but starts again easily.

I suspect that it is an IAC or ISC problem. I have checked the engine but cannot find the IAC around the throttle body.

I have not scanned the Code yet since I cannot bring the car to a shop due to this problem (cannot be driven long distances).

Note: Throttle body is clean, air filter is new, MAS is clean. Mileage is just 93,000 KM.

1. Does a 4G64 2.4L GDI engine have IAC and where it it located?
2. If no IAC, could this be a throttle body problem?

Hope somebody can enlighten.
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