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The Infinity radio in my 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Endeavor has stopped playing CDs.
I bought a Sony radio with an I-pod connector and had it installed. I had problems with sound thru the speakers.
An audio shop fixed the sound problem. I was told that the endeavor model with the Infinity radio has an amplifier. No one is able to find where the amp is located.
The aplifier was bypassed with new wires to the speakers.
The dealer's reference manual depicts a wire going to the rear door of the SUV from somewhere in the front. The rear seats, side panels,carpet were pulled out looking for this amplifier to no avail.
Can or does anybody know where this amplifier is located?

all those factory amps are located behind the radio in the center dash column. the only thing to remember is that a factory system amp looks nothing like a after market amp. it looks similar to what a stereo deck would look like with no face just another wiring harness input on the front. not dressed up at all. after market amps are dressed up because people like to show their after market amps off. heck the stock amp for the Chevy cobalt car that pushes the 2 ten inch sub woofers is mounted under the window sill of the back seat and looks just like another wiring harness tin box, but is a amp.
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