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Hi. I recently purchased for $3k my
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Pajero iO 4 Door SUV 4WD, Man
Model Year: 08/2000
Engine: 4G93 I4 16v SOHC MPFI {86KW} 1.8 litre
Series chassis: QA H76W

After 3 days owning it I had to do a complete top end overhaul. Replaced damaged exhaust valves with new set valve stem seals and machined head face and removed and cleaned re set rockers. Refitted cylinder head with new gaskets and head bolts, fit new timing belt kit with new water pump, new tensioners and seals, drive belts, new radiator, new thermostat. After $5.5k spent. Awesome, car drove smoothly for two months.

Recently degreased motor and high pressure (rinse not high pressure) cleaned motor. Went to start the car, it ran nicely for about four seconds then died. Had it towed back to mechanics for them to have it for 3 weeks, we’re they Found no fuel Pressure from fuel pump - they removed unit and found damaged plug not making contact 12volts. Temporary removed wires and Re fitted wires/connector to pump giving 12 volts and correct fuel pressure. No spark from back coil, they had spark on first crank now no spark at all - Suspect faulty crankshaft sensor - They Recommend replacing and reassess. I agreed to fit new crank shaft position sensor - Mechanic Supplied and fitted new crank shaft sensor / Found vehicle running for approx 5 seconds then shuts down - Requires further diagnosis - Mechanic called me and explained car still not going invoiced me $595.00 for sensor. Recommend auto electronic specialist and if I can get a tow truck to pick it up. I called Mitsubishi dealership to be told that’s not right what they have done to me and considering the money spent should have got a auto electrician out to diagnose it. I’m now dealing with General Manager regarding this. Any ideas? from a forum full of knowledgeable people would be appreciated as I Don't want to get auto electrician involved until I hear back.

I will try attach video of my problem

Thanks in advanced
Jamie, Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺
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