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Hello guys, just bought a cabin filter, according to my engine & car's serial numbers, they gave me a filter with the code of MS-6248 by ALCO filters. They are two filters that slide together and connect to each other.

And my cooling unit has a code of MR201829, I reached it and I couldn't find what to do next :D.
It seems that next to the sticker, on the right, it matches the air filter size, but that thing is fixed, or it might not even be the air filter.
I really need some help in here, what should I do? Isn't there a cabin filter in my car? Or I need to Cut off what we are looking at the picture, and slide in the ones I bought? :\

Thanks and have a great day guys.

Just found this on the net :S



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Well - the first big picture shows you a big black plastic box - that´s where the evaporator is - makes the cold air.
The big white one is where the blower moter is - obviously blows the air into car.
The lever on the white one actuated by the wire is switching between air outside / inside car.

The air filter is always before blower (no need to filter air inside car)
Normally easily accessible due to fact it´s changed often.

Don´t know where yours is - link should help - service manual in english

EUR and US versions only differ by engine due to environmental laws and the quality of US gasoline

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Only certain Mitsubushi vehicles have cabin filters

Lancers /outlanders mainly

easy diy..

Cabin filters fit /slide in slot or compartment behind the glove box....

what to look for on your colt


lancer 2002

colt cabin fiter --2005 2009

this is the after market cabin filter colts use if fitted
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