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I took out the stock head unit and had a after market installed a Circuit City. They did an amp bypass for me which was very expensive. I had them uninstall the after market and replace stock because i thought I was going to sell the car. I did not sell the car and now want to put an after market cd player back in. I have read a lot on bypassing the infinity amp and still have a few quesions. Where is the amp? 2002 diamante by the way. CC ran speaker wires from behind my after market cd player somewhere. I dont know if they ran them to the amp of if they ran them to each of the speakers. If these wires go to the factory speakers i could just by a wiring harness and hook them up to that right? If they go to the amp can I still do the above? If anyone could please help I would appreciate it. Just dont have the cash to have it done this time around.

ok, take your door panels off to access your speakers. find the colors of each wires. once you find the colors of which goes to where. e.g. solid brown and brown with yellow stripe right rear speaker, ect.

once you have figured which speaker wires go wherever, trace your speaker wire to your amp. disconnect the wires at the amp. make extensions on all your speaker wires on your after market head unit. run these new wires to the old one. it is easy to connect everything , simply by connecting the power ground and ACC wires up. then you just by process of elimination test which wires run which speakers.

adjust your after market head unit so that is faded all the way to the rear, and all the way to the right. find which wires make your right rear speaker make sound. it doesn't have to even have radio stations. just white noise is fine. then adjust fad to rear then balance to left. find the wires that make this speaker have sound. get the picture?

once these are all connected you can adjust your radio back to normal operating adjustments and hook up your antenna if you haven't already and go. if your looking for a decent connection use crimp connectors. if your looking for professional grade stuff use solder ironing.
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