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Hello Everyone,

Just looking for some advice/help on my 2002 Eclipse with the Infiniti system.

The stock radio on my Eclipse cuts in and out, first the antenna on the radio stopped descending (radio wont work), now the cd player does not want to play sound.

Sometimes the sound is there, and is fine, however sometimes it cuts out and comes back or is not there at all.

I have checked the connections to the amp underneath the seat and all seem to be ok.

Any help would be appreciated.


those radios are getting to be a big problem for most of the people who have them right around in your year bro. the radio is just going out. as for your antenna. rip the stock antenna out and go to a CB radio shop and ask them for the window antenna. it runs around the sides of your window and works better than the old poke up in the air antenna's.

you need new radio deck. i suggest a pioneer premier, not just a pioneer deck it needs to say pioneer premier ok. then buy the harness kit to switch the infinity system to run with your new deck. and make sure the deck you get has a CD changer control port. that way you can buy the converter so you can use your CD changer.
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