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2003 GTS 3.0 - 170xxx miles (automatic)

was driving it and it just stopped moving forward. Was able to coast to side of the road and get a tow home.
Shifter shifts through every gear just fine, just won’t fcking move lol.

trans fluid looks great, wasnt low either.
pulled out the solenoids. (All 5) will be replacing them soon. However, I don’t actually think it’s them at fault.

car did not clunk, bang, hiss, piss, or **** before coasting, just was IN DRIVE and went from DRIVING to coasting. I have all neutrals lol

couldn’t find Anything on the linkage for the automatics. Seems like everything I find actually is for the manuals, not a lot of the autos.

car is bone stock as well, trans has never slipped at all no late shifts or early shifts, nothing. Just stopped going.

All suggestions are appreciated, VEHICLE IS AN AUTOMATIC.
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