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Hi Guys,

New here.

Just brought a 2003 L200. 120k Miles.

Discovered a few issues after having it for a few weeks. Didn't have heat in the cab and them temp gauge wasn't reading figured it was the Thermostat so sent it to the garage and they changed the thermostat was changed as the old one was jammed open that sent warning bells ringing but everything was fixed. Been driving around for two weeks now and she's not burning oil or water and no smoke and not overheating at all. She had a new rad and water pump before all this.

Started her this morning and I've a yellow engine light stuck on. Tried plugging up the fault reader and it wouldn't read. Just wondering if anyone had any idea's because the man I brought it off has fallen of the face of the earth.

On a side note I have notice the there are two plugs that have been unplugged on the right side towards the back. There a wire off the base of the filter and a i have no idea what the other one would be from either but the don't go to each other. Will upload photos when I have them.

Thanks in advance,

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