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Hi. I need some advice please. I have a 2004 ES wagon which leaked some fuel when I filled it completely. I came out to the road to see a black streak coming from under my back L tyre where I assume dripping fuel had dissolved the bitumen.

There was a wet streak running from near the inlet hoses at the back of the tank to the front underside of the tank.

I took it to my mechanic who said he took the tank off and couldn't find anything wrong with it. No cracks, holes or broken seals. Now whenever I fill it completely I get a strong smell of fuel inside and around my tail end. I haven't noticed it dripping since but I've also been careful not to overfill it. My mechanic told me the fuel reservoir is fine but I'd like to fix this because I prefer not to be sniffing petrol fumes whenever I fill up. If anyone has some advice I'd appreciate it.
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