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2004 Mitsubishi Lancer auto (200K miles)
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The 2004 Lancer ES with 200K miles on it that was given to me as my first car needs to have a working horn for me to take the driving test for my license.
The car went to the dealer to replace the airbags and at that time I paid over $100 to have all the fuses and relays replaced that are found in the driver side fusebox on top of the left side wheel well in the engine compartment.

But there is still no sound when the steering wheel center horn location is pressed (no click at the relay, no horn at the grill).
The relay is good as I swapped it with the headlight relay and it works in the headlight slot (and the headlight relay won't work in the horn slot).
So no power is getting to the relay (the clicking sound just isn't happening).
The fuse is good too.

I found the two horns right behind the grill (although it's really hard to get the connector off to test them - but without power to the relay, that won't matter).
All the parts appear to be there so there is something wrong in the circuitry but WHERE is all that circuitry (particularly the horn switch in the steering wheel)?

What other parts did I miss that it might be that prevent the horn relay from clicking and the horns from working?
(There are other issues in the dashboard so it "could" be the wiring behind the dash - which I don't yet know how to remove.)

How do I locate the source of the problem when it's not the horn relay or horn fuse?


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