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The 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR
Mitsubishi is making a number of tweaks to its model lineup for 2005. The already powerful Lancer Evolution gets a boost in horsepower and torque—to 276 horsepower and 286 lb-ft of torque. A new MR (Mitsubishi Racing) Edition is added to the Evolution lineup, featuring a 6-speed manual transmission, Bilstein front & rear shock absorbers, special BBS alloy wheels and a number of interior trim items.


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I am amazed not to find a forum here about the Lancer MIEV concept car. I have been promoting something like it for several years. This is what I have been posting:

You may have all of these ideas and suggestions as a Gift from me. I will make no claim or attempt to patent any of these ideas. I suspect that others have already patented some of this, but since I have no plans to produce any of these devices commercially, I haven’t bothered to check.

I started sharing this with everyone I could several years ago. It looks like a few are beginning to catch up. Mitsubishi has produced the wheel drive system. Their design uses only LI batteries. It is strictly plug in. When you open the engine compartment, there is just a big open space.

I really think this is the way to go. With a strong commitment by the feds, we could grow and process all the biodiesel we need from algae grown around the Salton Sea.

For the past several years, I have offered anyone who would listen the following info: One of the American automobile companies has responded. I have had some positive response from several educational institutions but - as far as I know - none have done any experimental work to verify my claims.

Here is what I have been proposing:

In one scale or another every one of these systems have been proven.

Like to produce a vehicle that can burn rubber on takeoff on all four wheels and get 90+ mpg?

What I would like to see the automakers working on would have:

1. A turbocharged, two cylinder opposed, 2-cycle, air-cooled diesel directly driving a generator. (It would not be running most of the time.)

2. A 111 volt Lithium-Ion Polymer battery pack.

3. Nothing but wires going from the controller to every wheel, except for the necessary additional friction brakes (of course).

4. An added advantage of this would be the ability to recharge from the electrical grid while at home, saving even more on fuel.

Each wheel, depending on the feedback to the controller from wheel speed sensors would drive with just the right power depending on the accelerator position. You would get recharging from deceleration just as you do in today's hybrids. You would also use this feedback to stop the wheel from skidding.

Each wheel would have a stationary stator and a series of fixed magnets closely adjacent all around the inside of the wheel. In a sense it would operate each wheel in a very similar fashion that the maglev trains use, except the motion would be circular, of course. Something very different about this type of motor is that the stators are fixed to the axles and the magnets are driven around them. This gives a significant increase in mechanical advantage. That's like turning an ordinary electric motor inside out.

There would be no need for ordinary electric motor brushes. In fact, many electric motors operating today are brushless.

Such motors already exist in the model airplane field and their efficiently is amazing - approaching 90%. I've got a couple and doubt that I would ever buy any other type.

It's possible to hang the model on the prop right out in front of you and accelerate straight up, like a rocket, with this type motor.

In the vehicle the motor/generator would not turn on to recharge the batteries until they needed it. There is already experimental Lithium-Ion driven cars that can get in excess of 200 miles before they have to be recharged by plugging them in. You would top off your batteries overnight by plugging them in. Some cutting edge research by Toshiba -employing nano-technology - indicates that recharging can be done so fast that you could top off while eating lunch.

Lithium -Ion battery technology is so new that I doubt that very many automotive engineers have even heard of them, much less thought to use them in this manner. Their energy density exceeds that of any other form of rechargeable energy storage.

The Lithium Ion battery is the most efficient battery available right now. So is the outer rotor electric motor the most efficient motor.

Build an Automobile right and it will weight less and have simpler, easier to repair/replace modules.

Lets see what we can eliminate while improving performance and efficiency.

Transmission - None

Ignition system - None

Liquid cooling - None

Valves and valve train - None

Use bio-oil/fuels for both fuel and lubrication.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you know in the Transportation business.

I bought a Honda Civic Hybrid last summer. I enjoy it more than any vehicle I've ever owned. I will Never buy another vehicle that isn't a Hybrid and doesn't get at least 50 mpg.

As far as I can tell, Detroit isn't even thinking the same way I and the vast majority of its potential customers are.

Mitsubishi has produced the wheel motor/drive I mentioned above. You can see an illustration at: Scroll down and click on illustration. You can get it to fill the page by a second click.

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There is a post about the miev in the general chat forum.Electric powered cars will never last,there's not enough money to be made from them,by companies and governments.Hydrogen is the way forward,can be sold same as gas,can be taxed like gas.Can be sold for more than its gas.Innovation is dead,the world only seeks to replace petrol with a sustitute for the fat cat's.Production of hydorgen cars is cheaper than electric,indeed toyota and honda have already built and sold part electric vehicles but sold them at a huge loss had they concentrated on hydrogen they would have found it easier to make a profit.already toyota has a small no. of hydrogen cars testing on the road in japan,Bmw have also built working hydrogen cars and no doubt alot of other manufacturer's
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