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Hi all. New to the site. Hello.
Had my l200 animal for 2 year now and until now been fault free. Its the 2006 newer shape and nearly got 60,000 on the clock.
On friday i had it in 4wd for the snow and the hills around here are like mt.everest. After a short drive and got onto some flat i accelerated slightly and its almost sounded like it back fired and jolted. The D on the dash started to flash and almost felt like it was in limp mode. No other lights were on the dash at this time.
Its been parked up since until just now and ive went out to the shop. The snow has gone so dropped it back into 2wd before setting off. All was well until i approached a junction and as i was slowing from 35mph to stop its jolted pretty bad, i thought some one had rear ended me. The d started flashing again and what i originally thought was it been in limp mode is actually it stuck in what ever gear it was in when it jolted. Pulling away from the junction was slow and it never changed gear. I got to shop, reversed into the parking bay and popped it back into drive to see if light was flashing and it was.
Returned from shop and popped along to work to grab my code reader. It drove fine again once been turned off. Got it up to 50 along bypass and again when slowing down for the junction it jolted again and d started to flash and no change of gear.
plugged code reader in and no faults popped up. Didnt expect any as engine management light aint on but though id try just incase.
Can anyone shed some light to what i should be looking at to try address the problem or am i looking at new transmission? Thanks very much.
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