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I have a 2006 Lancer OZ Rally with a stock radio and an aftermarket amp and sub in the trunk. My sub was cutting in and out, so I decided to see if anything was unhooked or loose etc.

***Let me take this opportunity to say that I obviously shouldn't have been messing with it to begin with.****

I see that the ground wire was not connected to the amp, so I tried reconnecting it (with the key in the ignition on accessory) which obviously blew something because all of a sudden I had no radio or clock at all. I have checked every fuse that I can see (except one under the hood surrounded by yellow plastic so I can't get it out). I have been told that it may be a fuse on the back of the stereo, but don't know how to get it out without screwing up my whole dash. I have also been told that it may be an inline fuse.

I don't have money to take it to the dealership for them to rip me off and fix it.


i can guarantee its this fuse right here. if it is not, then it is the other fuse in the same yellow clip holder. these are located in the engine compartment fuse box.


if your radio fuse goes bad, then just your radio goes out. your clock doesn't turn off if you unplug your radio from its harness.


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