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hello everyone,

I recently bought a old second hand 2007 Mitsubshi Colt. A four door model with the non-turbo 1.3L motor.
And as a first car it's just perfect. It's roomy, easy to drive and just fast enough. It's also very very cheap.

But when i bought it the garage said it had the 6 cd changer, but after looking into it, it has not.
So my question is, can i buy the 6 cd changer somewhere? i think i would need the 6 cd changer and the corresponding radio unit right?
Does someone know any partsnumbers that would make my search easier? maybe even the brand that mitsubishi used? or did they make it themselves?

This is what i am talking about. the top unit is the radio and below it is the 6 cd changer wich i do not have but really want.

Any relevant information is welcome here. Thanks!!

(PS, i live in the Netherlands)
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