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First post here, my daughters 2008 convertible (turbo) has the EPS light on, to try and keep a long story short, I believe that the rack is the issue, either the motor or the sensors in it.
I'm in Australia, I've had no luck finding anywhere that'd be able to supply a reconditioned one, places that might have them in the UK are all out of stock.
So if anyone knows who to talk to for a reconditioned one that'd be great.
Failing that, I can see that there are many different part numbers on the power steering control unit and it appears the correct one of those needs to be used that matches your main ECU or it'll error?
Is that the case with the rack as well? Will any 2002-2009 rack do or does it need to be a specific one to go with the control unit?

Any advice would be appreciated, the dealer has been useless other than charging me $800 for a few hours fiddling and a new battery.

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