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I need some help, so i've come here as it seems like this is the place to ask.

The other day, someone made a dangerous move on the road that required me to come to a near halt. As I was applying increasing pressure on my brakes, the ABS activated, and since then my brakes have been drastically spongy with a wheezing noise coming from the pedal as I release it. No brake lights or ABS lights, though.

This part is important: I've had the car for 4 years now, and I have not flushed the brake fluid once, nor do I know if the previous owner ever did. I went into my local mechanic shop, they told me I needed the Master cylinder replaced and the fluid flushed and replaced. Seems plausible.

I spent all that money, and the brake performance is still the exact same, noise and all. The General Manager at the store tried the ABS system manually to see if there was air within it, but I ran out of time with him as I work later today.

Do you guys have any clue as to what could be wrong? The original trip to the mechanic costed me a lot of my hard earned money and what seemed like the solution didn't work. Because of that they're offering diagnostic for free, and the fix as well this time around, but I'm just nervous to go back. I have an hour long drive coming up and I refuse to drive that long on a freeway with a compromised braking system.
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