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I have a Series III 380 auto that runs on duel fuel. The car has done over 100,000 km and
has recently started cutting while accelerating (low speed). The car can be restarted again
after a few minutes. It has been into the Mitsubishi dealership and hooked up to the diagnostic machine,
but there is no recorded error on the computer. This issue has reoccurred several times over the last 3 months.
The fault occurs in both fuel modes. Has anyone seen this kind of fault with any other 380's?

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Because the 380s ceased production in Australia in 2008

AN export agreement for the 380 was not reached

as the production factory closed down . the cars resale price dropped

November 2014

you may like to visit the last remaining active 380 model forum online

Discussion and its many problems covered

380 owners from DB 2005 - DB SIII 2008
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