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There is an issue with the stock head unit (not the one with GPS and screen), namely it does not play from USB flash drive (tried with 2 different drives; 4 and a 8 Gb, both FAT32, on of them had only 5-6 folders with ~10-10 mp3 files - no any other file on the drive; pictures, text etc.).

The car has both AUX and USB connectors under the central dash (in front of the gear stick - exclusive to model year 2011? -> was it an option in the 2009 model (EU)? ) - seems both of them stock (the car is 2nd hand - no info about the previous owner's "operations" behind the dash, but it seems no aftermarket stuff in there).

While switching modes on the head unit (pressing the CD button) there is no USB mode; only CD and AUX (not even bluetooth - unlike the owner's manual mentions, by the way the wheel has buttons for answering phone etc.).
In AUX mode there is some static noise from the speakers, but that's all)

The owner's manual mentions some kind of USB connecting cable (there is a note about do not connect flash drive directly to the USB connector - why?) - Well, I don't have this cable - does it matter?

So what could be wrong? Broken wires, loose connectors behind the dash, software issue?

Sorry for the similar thread in the 2007 Lancer Topic; some misclicking and a mistake in the model year took place (model year is in fact 2009, the car was sold in 2011).
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