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I have a 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse with Factort HID headlights that have burnt out and do not work anymore. How you say? Water or moisture collects in the assembly and my headlights and fried my Ballast and wires in the headlight. The headlights barely worked when I got the car roughly at 60k miles due to the moisture build up. I want to switch my Headlights from HID to Halogen. Because Halogen are cheaper than HID. Also any HID headlight assemblies that I found are like $400 per headlight, too expensive for me...

So my question is..
Is it possible to switch my car from the Factory HIDs to normal Halogen? I have Halogen headlights here that are aftermarket stock for this year (2011) but the only issue with hooking up the new Halogen is the wiring. So any help with replacing headlights and possibly splicing wire would be helpful.

Thank you in advance.
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