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Hi there,

Looking for some new ideas to a problem I am having.

In May, I got my front passenger wheel bearing changed. I had to take it back as the tire was screeching when I turned the wheels. At that second appointment, I asked them to change my breaks, which they did. They said I needed a new ABS sensor which took forever to come in. After 3 weeks, I got one myself and provided it to them. They did the brake work at this time and found I needed a new front passenger caliper as well which was completed then too. When I drove off the lot, I had no issues accelerating but about 3 seconds after I take my foot off the gas it jolts me pretty good. It's like engine breaking but with a big kick to slow me down. Enough so my body jolt's forward in my seat.

It only happens when I am in stop and go traffic, or when I need to decelerate at a stop sign or red light. So about 0-60km's and no more than 2000 rpms. If I remove my foot from the gas on the highway, it doesn't jolt me.

I took it back to the place that did all this work and they said calipers are fine, must be your transmission. I took the car to a transmission shop and they said everything was fine. I did start having weaker acceleration by the end of summer so I took it to another location of the same place (I didn't want to keep paying more and more and more) and they said it was my drive belt which I replaced. Still didn't fix the issue.

So, now since my acceleration is weaker, I have to put a bit more into the pedal to move, but then I will need to slow down for traffic and the jerk is getting WORSE and WORSE. Like I actively avoid rush hour now.

Since then, I have taken it elsewhere. We found that the original shop replaced my front driver caliper, not the front right. So we replaced the right one at that time. They were able to confirm the jerk and determined the following "injector shut off when pedal is released" - no fix available.

Again, I have been driving for 20+ years, and have NEVER had this. I know engine braking is completely normal, but this jolt is not normal at all.

I have also:
  • replaced the MAF sensor
  • cleaned the throttle body

Today I had my injector system flushed/cleaned and its still doing what it's doing. This shop came highly recommended to me. They told me that my car has a transmission TSB, but I have searched high and low on the internet and cant see one.

Any other ideas?
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