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Howdy! Anyone ever access the front coupling solenoid connector on top of the trans? Solenoid is inside trans, short wires through grommet to connector B28, from there it ends up at connector C139 on the AWC-ECU under left front kick panel at drivers left foot. Measuring from C139 pins 1 & 2 at the AWC-ECU, the front solenoid measures 2.3 K ohms, should be 1.8-4 ohms. The rear coupling solenoid (which would post C1628), measures 3.2 ohms, (pins 2 & 3) which is good. So I have a wiring or solenoid issue and can't access the connector B28 to pull apart and measure the solenoid alone, could possibly get the connector apart with a long screwdriver but would never get it back together. No sweat running two new wires if the solenoid was good but see no way to access this to make a connection.
EDIT: It's located on top of the transaxle, just above the passenger side axel in a small space between transaxle and engine block
EDIT 2: Well, with a new attitude and excellent lighting I was able to access the B28 connector through the wheelwell and get it apart. Metered the solenoid coil seperately and the circuit back to the ECU. The solenoid is still measuring 2.3 thousand ohms, which makes it transfer case replacement time. Anyone know if the solenoid is replaceable or available? It must be in order for remanufacturers to rebuild them?

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