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My daughter just got her first car, a 2015 mirage base model, no nav screen. We CAN’T get BT to pair. The car Bluetooth manual says that to erase prior phones from other owners, hold the phone button for 15ish seconds until you get 4 beeps, for example.This car does have a mic installed about the rear view mirror, but no voice command settings prompts or anything like that so even if I can get it connected what is the purpose of a talk button she has to use Siri to dial anyway?

We get to three beeps and then the radio blinks for a second and then comes back on. The battery was changed a month or two ago by the prior owner-is there a radio reset or something that needs to be done? Some kind of anti theft reset? Radio hidden menu? This is the base CD player version. Radio works fine, otherwise. The windshield was also replaced in the last several months, too.

Also, it will pair up to the point of my phone, her phone, my wife’s phone seeing it, but the default pairing code doesn’t work, the code the owner has doesn’t work, and there resetting to default (above) doesn’t seem to work either.

What’s the deal? Can I just aux the phone into the radio 1/8th at least and use the speaker system that way with her phone without pairing, it I have to? Id rather she have the ability to have hands free, she’s 16.
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