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So I noticed that this passed month that my heating system pushes out 50F at Idle with the Defroster setting on and fans at full blast. If I set it to Recirculate on the Floor or Face settings I get hot air. If i take off the recirculate setting I get cold air at idle again like the defrosters.

My Coolant levels are fine, I've tried bleeding air from the system at 2500rpm with the cap off and nothing comes out (not even microbubbles).

I found the Inlet and Outlet hoses and felt both at idle (one hot one cold) and after revving at 2500 rpm for about 1 min (Both Hot but one less so).

Probably gonna change the Thermostat since it hasn't been done before and its a cheap fix. After that might try backflushing the Heater Core and hoses. Any Additional info or insight would be great.
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