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looking for some mitsubishi owner van as described above ...
looking for side middle window sliding ...frames are rusty ...where can i get replacements..

also with the motor it has water in the oil..also no4 spark plug stuffed and water coming out back spark plig hole when motor turned over without plugs..

could it be just the head gasket...

anyway if it is stuffed ....what are the chances of repowering with an engine with more grunt...

i heard you can easily transfer a 1.8 motor(what code????) from a nimbus and just run all the same carby,intake,exhaust this true

i am stuck really for time at the moment as wish to be running immediately to get north for work..

where could i find a replacement motor ...are they good engines the 4g32 or should i upgrade if rebuilding the current motor...

thanks in advance ....
waiting for some advice...
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