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Hey guys,

Great community! I have been a long time lurker but first time poster as I have run into a snag which I hope someone from this community can help with.

I couldnt find a relevant topic in the technical section so posting here instead.

I am in the process of building up a early 6-bolt 4g63(G63B) and have run into an issue with the oil pump drive pulley.

My old stock pump ran straight cut gears with a 10mm shaft, the new pump is the newer helical gears with a 12mm shaft, as such my original drive pulley/sprocket will not swap over.

I managed to find one from an unknown model Evo which was longer but with a bit of time on the lathe to shorten this and increase the ID where it meets the pump housing I have got this to fit onto the shaft but it sits 1-2mm proud of the pump from the old pulley location.

Do your DSM's run a 10mm or 12mm shaft? and if so do you have a part number for the 12mm pulley?

I have managed to find a few part number but nobody can confirm the shaft size...

I have confirmed with the pump seller it is a 6-bolt pump, mitsubishi are telling me the old 10mm pumps are no longer available...

Here is an article where they talk about the pump gear changes but there seems to be no discussion on shaft size...

Pics of new pump gear vs old gear and pulley:

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