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i know a good bit about cars, but i want a staright forward answer on this. i have a 89 mitsu mirage turbo with about 190,000 miles on it. It's still running strong and pushes 8lbs of boost on the stock turbo. all i've done is the air filter.
first, about 2 yrs ago i took my car to around 7 1/2 rpm's and i heard a pop. since then i have had no rev limiter and when my car idles it goes between 1,000 and 1,700 rpm's. it sounds like i put new cam shafts in it. do i need a new throttle body, or is the throttle body sensor gone?
second, i put a blow-off valve on my car. directions said to put between filter and throttle body, so i had it welded in, and to hook it up to a vaccum line. i spliced into a vaccum line to the valve cover, but when i take it over 3,000 rpm it spudders and losses all power. the blow-off valve seems like it just sticks open and i think it's because of the idle, or i don't have a good vaccum. i have made the blow-off valve so it doesn't open, so it runs like it originally did. do i just have to have the valve cover drilled and a new nipple put on so it has its own vaccum source?
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