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So I've had the Endeavor that is my avatar for just over 3 months now. With the exception of not being able to go over 90 I haven't had any mechanical issues so far in the 5k miles I've put on it.


Good acceleration, never have a problem merging onto highway, or passing

Very smooth ride combined with car-like handling. I never feel like I'm going to tip the thing over, even after making a few too fast/sharp turns

Lots of cargo space, especially with the back seats folded down. I was able to fit a very large wheelbarrow in the back with lots of space left over. It also provided a good place for me to pass out one night after a little too much drinking. (don't worry, I was at home, outside)

I think it looks unique, on roads filled with Ford Explorers and Honda Pilots, this thing stands out a little, and I haven't seen many on the road where I live.


Gas mileage could definitely be better, 16ish around city, barely over 20mpg on the highway using the recommended premium fuel. The first tank I got was from the dealer and it sucked through that insanely fast, but since switching to premium it's a lot better, but at $80 to fill it I don't find myself doing a lot of spare traveling.

Wind noise on the highway is annoying, but 1) I do 10% highway driving max, and 2) the stereo is plenty loud enough to drown out any noise.

Those 2 are my serious gripes, I have a few others, but they aren't make or break for me:

Cup holders are too shallow, I'm always holding the cup in because I'm constantly worried it's going to tip out.

The gigantic dashboard has a texture that makes it hard to clean.

The center console area where the gear selector is has compartments that are hard to clean out. It seems like every bit of loose food gets sucked straight into them, making cleaning a pain.

The only thing that would stop me from buying this vehicle again is the price of gas, which obviously has nothing to do with the vehicle itself. I'm very pleased with my decision to buy this suv, and I'd recommend it to anyone that doesn't have a long commute, because you will, like all suv drivers, be cringing whenever you go to fill it up.

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I too would have to agree that this is a wonderful car. I've had mine for almost a year now but rarely do I see any where I live which makes it unique. Have only had 1 problem with it (missed fired cylinder), which was fixed under warranty, but other than that, it has been flawless.

Besides the gas that puts a big dent in my wallet, I wished that they would have kept the rear-dvd player going for those who spend long trips on the road but that can be fixed with an aftermarket player.

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I drive my 2005 for 3 years now . It shows 100,000 kms .

It is not perfect but overall I am happy with it . My millage

20% city is 11.5 litr / 100 kms and I drive always 20 kms over

the Psl on highway. I compared with other owners of Camry/Honda

and for the size/weight it is plenty honorable.

The original tires were very bad in the snow , I changed them @ 20,000kms

for Toyo Cross-country ... a world of difference !

I like the agressive look .

I visit the dealer only for oil change ,

no problems minor or major to report .

The most I appreciate is the sportronic for quicker acceleration and

stop/go driving in heavy traffic I leave it in 2nd gear .

Appreciation of this Suv increases with usage :grin:

I wish they make the 2009 6 inches shorter . I wish it is not too late

to adjust to the huge price of gaz ...$ 1.49 cnd per liter !!!(Kanada is metric)
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