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Hey team.

I've got a second gen, 1992 NH V6 3000 Auto.

Picked it up a month ago, no drama's with it whatsoever over 2000km - oils and coolant all fine. No standout leaks, little smokey if left on idle after warming her up. Then I took it to the carwash.
After giving it a wash, she doesn't like changing gear like she used to. She'll hold in 1st or 2nd longer than she should, sometimes significantly. She will still change but it can take a bit of time. Once she changes, she runs as normal. 4WD engages as normal - but resets the old not changing gear clock.

Transmission oil is still fine - sits where it should on the dipstick, still clean good oil.

What have I got wet and need to spray with electrical cleaner? (I'm assuming, immediately prior to cleaning she ran 150km without issue, cleaned, doesn't like switching gears)
And any other ideas for what I can take a look at?

Cheers in advance you legends
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