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I wander if somebody had topped up their AC system before. I've got Mitsubishi Colt 2008 CZ2. Following the logic of larger pipe is low pressure point is, smaller radius pipe is high pressure point. Please let me know if my thinking is correct from the photo attached.



I have put the plastic dust caps as 1 of them was missing. So L and H symbol might me wrong. The reason for my wandering is because I have attached the recharge house an gauge and the gauge show 0 - it doesn't move at all. Bearing in mind I have put AC full power for 5 mins. The only thing which I haven't done was to pierce the bottle of AC gas as I wasn't sure 100% if it is the correct pipe.
So my questions really are:
1 Is the top pipe marked in red L- the low pressure point?
2 Should I new hose and gauge or when I pop the AC bottle may be the pressure will be measured?

Many thanks

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Do you have experience or a license to regas A/C on cars?

I gather not, as you would know the larger fitting or red one is the high side.

Do you know it is illegal to work on A/C systems without a license? Best leave this to the experts
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