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GROM Audio understands the demand for entertainment and information while driving, and many Mitsubishi drivers deserve the latest technology in their car without purchasing an entirely new car with our connected GROM-Car kits.

We strive to solve this issue for the Mitsubishi owners, transforming BMW factory car stereo systems into on-the-go media centers. Offering you affordable solutions to upgrade your Mitsubishio system, GROM Mitsubishio delivers the same features as an infotainment center without the costly price tags.

Our goal is to offer the Mitsubishi owners superior options for aftermarket infotainment car kits. Through a variety of car Mitsubishio adapters, GROM Mitsubishio can convert the same Smartphone, tablet or multimedia device you already use in daily lives in your Mitsubishi’s own infotainment center.

In addition, by incorporating Bluetooth capabilities, it will allow you to access the same features as new vehicles, including wireless connectivity for music streaming, hands-free calling and voice turn-by-turn navigation; enhancing your driving experience through high-quality sound, easy-to-read interfaces and seamless functionality.
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