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Hi, I'm trying to track-down what has, so far, proven to be an elusive rectangular-section rubber ring of 36mm O.D. x 28-30mm I.D. x 5mm thick.

This is not available via regular inquiry in New Zealand yet I am confident that there is one here. It will likely be amongst the inventories of the automotive/truck/motorcycle spare-parts trade, probably to be found in obscure places in vehicles, e.g. washer bottles, light escutcheons, etc, etc. However, if you can't quote a part number no-one will even bother to look on the shelf so this line of inquiry is a waste of time.
Does anyone mess about with these vehicles for whom a ring of these dimensions rings a bell? A location-description, vehicle model type and year would be the minimum information I want. A specific part-code would be Christmas and New Year as well.
Any offerings? Cheers.
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