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ASX 2011 1.6 GDI
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Hi all,
I have mounted a towbar on my ASX (2011). For the electrical part of the installation, the rear right inner panel had to be removed. Now, when the plastic panel is clicked back, it will not remain firmly enough. I have made sure that all white clips will fit well in the holes in the bodywork, but from above the black plastic part has to fall into another black part and somehow that is not going well. After everything is set in place, and you give a little push or pull on the top, it will be released / loose again.
The left inner panel is screwed tight with 1 screw. The right part should be clicked completely, if I get it right.

I visited the dealer in my home town, but he did not get further than the suggestion 'you have to glue it', which of course does not help me much.
Am I doing something wrong? What alternative is there to get it right again More people here with this experience?

Regards, Olivier
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