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2004 TL Magna(aka Diamante) AWD, 6g75 engine, F5A51 automatic trans.
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My new alternator was fitted today.

1 hour for labour = $120 and $290 for the genuine Bosch alternator(+ $65 for the regulator that I could not fit).

Mechanic confirms 14.7 volts.

All good, and no "idiot" light showing.

Plus $100 for the repair to the bonnet hinges a month ago.

I almost forgot the $175 for the Century Ultra High Performance battery that I purchased right at the beginning of this whole saga because my original was 4 years old and what I put my "chips" on to be the cause of all this headache.

It probably was not the battery causing the problem, but the alternator/regulator.

As the alternator light took a month to start showing from first flat battery, it was unlikely that it WASN'T the battery.

Too late now.

For the first time today since 16 February I have a car that I can properly drive again.

Fingers crossed.

The only "upside" is that I have saved some, greatly inflated, petrol money in the meantime.
101 - 105 of 105 Posts