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Hello folks
Just got my first Colt CZ2 1.5 DI-D

a few questions if anyone can help please !!

until the engine reaches around 70 degrees the idle bounces and the engine shakes quite badly
fluctuates between about 800-950 rpm, doesn't sound a lot but the engine shakes A LOT with a noticable sound
accell is instant so no delay in that and if touched slightly the bouncing idle goes away
when engine turned off the whole car shakes violently

Ambient air temp sensor - its there, its plugged in but shows nothing on display just -.--c
do i have to be driving for it to work ? (currently not on road)

The car redlines at 3k RPM ? is it supposed to do that in neutral ?

Cannot hear the turbo spooling at all whilst revving ? (in Neutral)

Fuel rail pressure read 3000+ PSI now i know that's gotta be wrong surely

o2 Sensor reading on torque pro is 0.0048 Volts, i'm gonna say that's wrong too ?

when reading the fault codes on torque 11 came up in grey
i removed the plug for the 02 sensor to make a fault and it came up highlighted on orange
so what are these ones in grey ?
says they are pending faults or historic faults possibly

if anybody can please help with this massive lump of questions id really appreciate it
thank you everyone
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