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Dear Forum,

bought a used Shogun a week ago. The car is working fine, and there are no warning lights when in 4WD mode. When switching to 2WD, the following four lights turn on and stay on solid:

Active stability control function OFF indication lamp
Active stability control function indication lamp/Active traction control function indication lamp
Anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning lamp
Brake warning lamp

(they are number 7-10 from Page 3-10 in the owners manual)

When I switch back to 4WD, these lights go out again.

The guy who sold it to me said he was already at Mitsubishi here in Cyprus, and they said the Brake-ECU needs a software update, which they cannot do here (go figure).
I then went to a mechanic here to check whether something is damaged - and he checked the car and said it's fine, and that it's normal for these 4 lights to turn on when in 2WD.

I'm having a hard time believing this, so I am reaching out for help here.

Thank you for your insight!

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