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I own a RVR 2012 AWD. Describtion of what is happening. When my car is parked outside all day I use the remote starter. When I start to drive I may get up to 10 feet away the icy roads flashes, my left back tire has locked and my car comes to a stop.
I took my car in 1 week ago for winter tires and asked the mechanic to test the ABS Sensor. The sensors ALL tested good. Now a week later the problem is happening again. Spoke with the mechanic and he suggests maybe it's the C Sensor...can't specifically say as it did not happen when he was working on the car. The other suggestion was it could be the ABS Modular which is unbelievably expension.
The odd thing is when it's in the garage overnight, not problems.
I have even restarted the battery....again 1 week later same problem.
I am hoping that others have had this problem and seeking advice on how to fix this very unsafe problem.
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