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Hello Everyone

I have a problem which is driving my crazy for the past few months ... i hope someone who experinced the same thing can share some info or solution .

my brother have a 2006 Lancer with the 4G18 engine and the CVT tranny ... and its his DD car ,

the car have 170,000 Km on the clock .

anyway the car started consuming engine oil less than 1/4 quart every 5000 km or so and engine oil light sometime flickering and an increase gas consumption so we deiceded to overhull the engine .
the car also have a history of needing new coils every now and then . other than that its fine.

so we did overhull the engine , changed the pistons and rings , took the head and block to a maching shop to do all the needed work, changed the water & oil pump and timing belt and a full new gasket set ( cardbaord or asbobets or whatever is called but not MLS) .

Start the engine and its smooth but the oil light is on . drove the car and the car have no power at all. what ever you do the car cant go past 60kmh (40 or something mph)

so we checked the ECU with Launch Diagun III (good piece of equipment to have ) connected to both the OBD port and the Mitsubishi 12 pin port and the ECU doesnt throw any code other the Knock sensor which we broke during installion ( we try to replace it but the location is so #$%* we broke anther one while installing ).

Anyway checked the spark plugs & coils , cleaned the injectors and tested them . changed the fuel pump . checked / replaced all vacuum hoses and put new clambs where needed ......Nothing .

checked the tail pipe there is very little pressure coming out but no smoke so we thought maybe its exhuast pipe somehow blocked so we unhooked the exhuast pipe from the mainfold but no diffrance .

we took the car to a friend who works on alot of lancer to check the timing and all the suspected above .

but again there is no sign of the cause of the problem .

replaced the cam sensor ....Nothing

The Problem is the ECU in this car is soo basic that you cant do any real diagnostic other than reading codes .

so we ran out of ideas so any ideas ?

Thank you

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Well if it still has a broken knock sensor it will still be unhappy.
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