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I have a 2008 Lancer CVT with about 170k miles. It started happening a few days ago after I shut the car off for a few minutes at a market and tried to drive home.

When in drive or low gear, I would step on the gas and hear the throttle wide open but the revs would be limited to 2k rpms. It would also have very poor performance as it can barely make it up a driveway slope. When the car gets to 20mph exactly, the car drives completely normal. The car revs fine in park or neutral. The idle is fine.

There’s no cel. I unscrewed and removed the upstream o2 thinking it was a clogged cat, but it drives the same with it off. I thought it was the MAF but it drives the same with it disconnected.

I replaced the input shaft sensor a few months before when it failed and threw a code. I’m not sure what’s causing this, but my last option is to pull a trans from the junkyard before they scrap the only same generation lancer available.

Any thoughts?
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