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Hi all!

Way back I asked for help regarding idle problems/engine failure on my 4G93 engine

I've since solved it - twice!

The second time I made this "how-to" video:

The symptoms usually start with idle problems on a cold engine, the car is "kangarooing". If you have an automatic transmission the engine might stall at red lights and what not.

The problem then escalates and the erratic reving goes all over the RPM and finally the engine goes to safety mode.

In my case (and a most others I've found on the Internet) this is due to the throttle body not working correctly. The general advise is to replace it for a refurbished one. But why not fix it yourself? It takes about the same time and cost is but a dash of glue!

I've found that the problem is due to an permanent magnet coming loose from the internals of the electromagnet-motor, that drives the shaft inside the throttle body. This is really hard (or straight out impossible) to see if the electromagnet-motor is not taken apart, since the permanent magnet sticks to the shaft even if the glue has come loose.

The first time I fixed this I used 5 minute epoxy resin, alas that can't cope with the temperatures in the long run so the magnet came loose again after "only" 10.000 km (6.200 miles).

Hope this helps!

Oh, it's a far safer bet to contact me via the comments field on YouTube since I don't "hang" here (unless I find a new problem to solve). And there's no point asking me about other issues since this is my first car repair...

With best regards,
/Tobbe in Sweden (where it's time for studded tires - again).
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