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Hello. I have spent like 10 hours searching online already and nothing. Please help someone.So
Previous owner of car threw out remote key. I bought simple universal central lock kit ( you can see them on ebay/amazon for 10-20$) Found out almost all wires only thing left is '' opening signal'' and ''closing signal''
Removed door panels, found actuator but there are 5 wires not 2. Tried some of ways until blew up fuse,replaced it, still havent managed to connect kit. There are blue/black wire, blue/red, brown, green/white and black. Anyone knows which would be right ones? Other question is, do i cut them and connect to new kit or just add wires from new kit to them without cutting.I didnt cut, maybe that was the problem.
Last question,mitsubishi galant uses negative or positive triggering? i found that it should be negative,so tested only that one.

Car - Mitsubishi Galant 2000 2.5 v6, 120kw, 163hp. EU version.
Please someone help in any way, i really dont know what else to try.


This is the kit im trying to install

wires i found in doors.

manual i found.

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