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2004 TL Magna(aka Diamante) AWD, 6g75 engine, F5A51 automatic trans.
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I guess your Montero would still have the "old style" wiper blades.

You might like to stay with that style.

My recommendation, after swapping to the later type of wiper would be this type:

MITSUBISHI Pajero Wiper Blades NG 1989-1991 Best Fit 1818A15A | ADWIPERS

They work better and are normally quieter than the original style.

The measurements(important) shown in the link = 18 inches on both driver and passenger side.

The above link is for an Australian seller.

In Australia Pajero = Montero.

Try Rock Auto/O'Reilly's/Auto Zone/Pep Boys etc.

I just looked at the Rock Auto site, which has both types:

The old style is generally cheaper, but as noted, the later style works better IMO.

I would get a tape measure and measure the length of the blade on each side to confirm which is the correct size.

Auto Zone also says 16 inches on both sides:

Also check the mounting type, which can differ.

I can't help you with cup holders.
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