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Hi all!
I’m new here 🤗

2011 Lancer
Dash cluster (see attached) is chiming with all the problems you could imagine but does not have any disruptions in the drivability of the vehicle. Randomly the power steering with quit but usually returns on its own or after vehicle is turned off. I have a list of error codes as well to share and wondering if any one knows what this all leads back to or where to start!
The Mitsubishi dealer I bought it from says it “could be” a sensor but would be a $1200 gamble.
Any suggestions or past experience would be helpful to start in the right direction!!

Error codes:
C2114 - sensor cluster VOLT. Low
U0125 - sensor cluster CAN timeout
U1003 - 1. Sensor cluster BUS off 2. CAN bus off
C2204 - sensor cluster internal error
C2104 - valve power supply circuit

Thank you in advance!
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