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Hello all.
I have (a very much loved and well maintained) 2006, diesel, automatic transmission Pajero, which has 275,000 Km.
It has the following combination of symptoms:
1. It's noticeably weak, It doesn't pulls as strong as compatibles.
2. It has a noisy metal rustle between 1500-2200 RPM, (I have already replaced the timing chain tensioner and guide with new ones), this rustle don't appear when the motor is revved in Neutral, but only while driving.
3. It wont shift gears under full load (i.e. if I use full pedal while ascending it will not shift second to third but will keep running in second gear, same for shifting from third to fourth). It will shift gears very nicely while not under full load.

May a wear diesel injection pump cause all of the above?
I will highly appreciate any opinion about the possible root cause/s.

By the way, It doesn't smoke more than compatible vehicles, it starts immediately, it runs clean and keeps it's RPM at idle very nicely, it's diesel consumption is normal.
Thank you, very much.
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