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We just bought a 2010 Galant and have a door locking issue and I'm trying to figure out what I should be looking at. Both door lock switches do nothing--no noises, no clicks, nothing. The fuse looks fine and I swapped it out for another that also looks fine.

If you try to lock any door manually while the key is in the ignition, that door will unlock so something's still working.

Because of this problem, all doors unlock once the key is in the ignition. So, then before leaving the car, once the key is out of the ignition, all doors have to be locked manually from the inside, one at a time. Anybody have an idea what this problem is?

I was originally thinking actuator but wouldn't that have to mean they're all bad? That doesn't seem right. Also, we don't have a key fob to test that functionality out.
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