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I installed a set of Infinity Perfect 6.1 seperates in my '04 Endeavor today. I snapped some pics as I went.

The first thing to do when taking the door trim off is to pry up the switch panel. I use a flat tipped screwdriver with a couple layers of electrical tape on it to not gauge the plastic.
Next is the handle- after taking the screw out, you need to push on it in the direction I am pointing. When it loosens, you then pop the silver part off of the black plate it is mounted to by popping two small tabs off- careful, they looked easy to break.
You need to pop the cover off the light at the bottom, take the 2 screws out, then unplug and remove it. (sorry, no pic of that, but it was the easiest part.
After that, if you look very closely at the bottom edge of the door panel (near the light on each side) you will find two small slots. These are there so you can slide a flat tip screwdriver into / under the panel and pry to dislodge the bottom clips. Once those start, just pull around the primiter of the panel and it will come free. The top part will remain wedged to the window sill, so you need to give the bottom of the panel a push in an upward motion to completely remove it.
Above is the stock tweeter as it is being taken out. The grill panel cannot come out unless you take out the pillar panel. That one is easy to take out- just start pulling from the top.
The stock tweeter sounds ok, but it can be improved on a little but.
I widened the hole and sealed the new tweeters in place.
[attachmentid=346] [attachmentid=345]
Here is the stock woofer. I'm surprised it sounded as good as it did.
This part was a bit of a hassle- I have a mig welder, so rather than rig a bunch of brackets and bolts, I just zapped the mounting plate onto the door. One thing I can say about this is- I bet that an even larger diameter speaker could have fit here. The metal mounting rings were just a hair bigger than the inside diameter of the actual hole in the door- they almost fell thru the stock hole. After a few zaps, I said, "that aint goin' anywhere".
I had a bit of a scare when I looked at the depth of the new woofers and then thought, "I wonder how close the glass is when I roll the window down?". I hooked up the switch plate and rolled the window down- and nearly $hit a brick. I took a few measurements, and it turns out that I had about 1/4" to spare- wheeew!
Well, this is what it looks like mounted in the door-
I would show the "after" pics, but it looks exactly like the "before" pics- thank goodness.

Later, Mike


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