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Originally posted by dirtwagon@Nov 18 2005, 03:19 PM
Wow!  I was not ststaing that I was manufacturing them, just asking a simple question.  I assumed that they were bogus and therefore did not purchase one, I just figured I would ask.  I have also heard that replacing the stock iridium plugs will not make a difference in performance.  Anyone with am Outlander changed the plugs and noticed a difference.  I'm not looking for a magic pill to gain 100 HP, just looking for some of the simple mods that may not increase HP, but efficiency.
Thanks guys. :clap:
I should state that the irridium plug supplied by mitsu can last 100k miles without having to be replaced.

I was told this by every non mitsu mechanic, just incase you think its biased.

but, that doesnt mean these plugs shouldnt be replaced, there are better ones out there... just if you dont want to spend on the plugs, or you dont care about a very little performance up, you can stick with the stock plugs just fine.
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