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Hi All, I am having a dead battery every morning and have to jump it to get to work. I can drive to work which is about an hour away and the car will be charged and can start it and use it. If she sits for about 8 hours she might not make it. I have replaced the battery and it has been verified to be good and had the alternator checked twice to verify it was not the diodes draining power. I have replaced the turn signal / lights control assembly.

Weird issue is if I have my parking lights on and turn the car off, the light will stay on. If I turn the lights off, they stay on. If I start the car the light will turn off since they were turned off. Not sure if that helps but feels like theres a relay left open some where because of this. Just cant find it though. I have tried using a multimeter to check the amps by disconnecting the negative of the battery and placing the MM positive to the negative car terminal with a clip and placing the MM negative on the battery negative post. I get a reading of 12.27 amps.

I started pulling the fuses and under the hood I notice the hazards dropped the amps by .07 and increased when I placed the fuse back. But when I disconnected the A/C fuse 10, it dropped to 11.05 amps. I put the fuse back in but the amps never returned, even after starting the car. I pulled all the fused under the dash, but did not see a drop in amps.

This car is stock and my daily driver. but since covid it sat in the garage for multiple weeks before driving and had no issue. The garage does get hot and feel that may have maybe cause a relay to fail from over heating or something. Any ideas on where to start? I tried taking her to the dealer, but they are saying the car is over 12 years old and should trade it in for a new Eclipse. Thats not going to happen from a sports car no idea. But they will not work on it. I tried another dealership that pulled the same crap. When trying to by the turn signal switch I was told that you can not buy they new and would need to find a junk yard and continued to call me to trade it in. Did find that Napa has what is needed.

I do not want to sell the car or trade it in...... unless for an EVO in an acceptable condition... but hope someone has some ideas or been down this road already and can point me in the right direction.

--- Cheers
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