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Eclipse gs 2.4 randomly dies while driving was told it was MAPsensor so replaced it now car will start run for a mile then shut off can’t restart it but if I wait 15 minutes it’ll fire right back up and run again for about a mile or so and then shuts off again???? Took it to mieneke after 3 weeks they gave it back no charge??? Please any idea’s?
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That indicates a problem with the alternator control circuit. I believe the alternator in these cars has all it's controls contained within the alternator itself. It is a good bet that changing out the alternator would solve the issue. Be sure to disconnect the battery [ground connection first] when doing this repair. Also reset the codes when you are finished. Let us know how this comes out. We all learn for your experience that way. ...J.D.
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This brings up a point that might be good to mention to the novice mechanic. If you check the DTC codes and have a number, you can always type the code [in this case P0622] into your search engine on the internet and you get all kinds of information. I did not have my DTC chart in front of me, so that is what I did in this case. Also, the DTC code will not tell you exactly what is wrong, but it indicates where to look. There may be other problems, but it is a place to start. ...J.D.
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